TEXAS LOFT CONSTRUCTION

Arrived here Feb 2020 Made clearing one acre of 1.1.3 All buildings and
house will be made from the trees cut. Good thing I'm of Viking descent as
have been camping out in tent . Just upgraded to another tent with central
heat . :) Everything you see I'm doing myself. A few Prayers might help ;

ranch bike.jpg

At 68 years old I decided to homestead, I was just really tired of the rat race. The first picture is what I saw on the internet when I bought the property, mostly all big juniper trees ( cedar ) and a few oaks. It was make this happen or die trying. I stayed the first year in the HD tent above. Yes for REAL.

NEW TENT 1.jpg

Well, Since I froze part of my ass off the first year, I up graded to central heat :) This was home sweet home for the second year, You can see all the trees I had cut down in the back ground. When I got here my waist was 42", now it's 36 the same as when I went into the Army, Which I spent 10 years. You probably think that's really dedication and a little crazy, Well it's both, And I put that same dedication into my Birmingham Roller Pigeons.


I took this house down in 10 days by myself. Which means I got all the materials, inside and out. 

And then 


And then, Wa La, THE CABIN