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If ordering rollers, shipping is $85 for 2 to 4 rollers is the max for one order, I send all rollers out in a brand new box, RK PAIR

No Rollers sent to Hawaii or Alaska 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

There is a art to mating Birmingham Rollers together, Before you order any, scroll down below the birds for sale and read the information if you want the best from my rollers

1: Click on the Roller and you will see information on that bird

      2: If it says 40 ft, pick a mate that is 20 ft or shorter


3: If your pick a self, this means no white, you can pick a roller with white. And keep in mind number 2

4: If you mate 40 footers together, you will get 40 ft and deeper, and if you keep doing it you will get ROLLDOWNS.

5: If you want to keep stability in your Rollers, you have to mate some 20 footers together, Not to worry, This will make you a lot of 40 footers. When you get 20 footers from this pair, These are like GOLD, and will keep stability in your Rollers

6: If you get 2 cocks and mate them to a different strain, Your percentage of good Rollers will go way down, and all the recessive bad traits will start to show, and you are now going backwards, and have ruined 50 + years of my work. I'm telling you all this to keep you on the right track, so you can enjoy your rollers to the Max

7: Lets say you want to raise some blue check Bald Heads.

I pick a Blue Check badge Cock, That spins 20 ft. To a blue ck badge hen that spins 10 ft, With my Rollers, you will get baldheads that spin 20 to 40 ft, the white color doubles and the depth also doubles, This is why when you mate 10 footers that spin beautifully, To the deeper birds, They are invaluable in the breeding loft. 

8: The Proper TYPE, Yes all Rollers can do some kind of performance, But only the true Birmingham Roller can do it correctly. Some birds, and apparently many, spin with there wings sticking straight out to the side. These birds also cant show the small hole in the side. Witch by the way can only be seen when you see the roller from the side view. Most all flies can go from 30 minutes to an hour. And you wont see a single bird roll when in that position to your view of the roller. So if your seeing a fast spinning ball, with nothing sticking out anywhere, you can be assured the small hole is their.

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