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    click on the picture for larger view, And you can add the roller to the cart, The store is set up, and automated you can just order them now, I don't answer the phone, IM busy building the ROLLER RANCH, Have a question tex me, 210 350 2214 and I'll answer as soon as I can. Rollers are sent out Monday thru Thursday,   THANKS, RK
    The band series IPB R 2021 10400 to 10499 I ordered from FOY'S in case I ran out of bands, All these birds were hatched in September 2022, You can see by these recent pics they are already struting, and will be breeding by January They are all 2022 birds, Just note this in your breeding records, RK PAIR  At the bottom are some nice stock birds, THEY ROCK,  and ROLL I doubt you will find birds like this at these prices .
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