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This is way back, about three years ago. Moved to TEXAS and started on the ranch in February, four years ago, everything you see I built myself. This page will be building the main house, Gazebo, and KOI POND, Which all intertwine together. I'm doing this for something to do, I don't have to go to a gym, or a Therapist. Well maybe a therapist  ;) 

2 weeks in.jpg

About two weeks in 


Beginning of the Gazebo  


The Cedarpuss    

The Cedar stump will be underwater, with a water lily on top. 

I asked for a little help filling up the koi pond, and wa la, I channeled two streams, one on each side of the flying loft. with the two storms in the last two days, would have come real close to filling up the entire pond if completed.


The pond walls will go up to the bottom of the gazabo floor, you can see how much higher the water level will be. all this water was drained by the next morning, then rained again next day and filled it up again. the big part of the pond about one third both times. I was very glad to see this. love it when a plan comes together. 


HOWDY, I'm RK, Their are some who like to see the progress of RK'S ROLLER RANCH. I will be posting updates when warranted, Yes this is me at Lowes last summer. On sept 9. I will turn 71, Keep em spinning brothers, and have a fruitful 2023 breeding season, Yea not much to look at, but I get the job DONE !


So this is the beginning of the main house foundation, OK just keep your pants on. As it goes along it will make more sense, from front to back is 20' across the front, Damn, cant remember, I painted the boards, 2x 12x 20 ft, for weather protection and termanites :)  These boards are from the two story house teardown, I have a lot of them.

UP TO DATE MAY 21, 2023



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