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Where did the Birmingham Roller come from and when

If you knew nothing about this bird, and someone was explaining it to you, What would be your first impression. I'm going to shed some light on why this breed is so hard to ( reproduce it's self, not as a breed, but as a individual. A CHAMPION ) first off, this breed just like every other breed of domesticated pigeon, is man made. This means they evolved and were created in the minds of the backyard . OK, on top of the cliff European rock dove keeper. Who we are going to call Nuts. Nuts caught more birds than he could eat, so Nuts built a breeding loft, OK a pen out of sticks, tied together with grasses. Nuts was flying his kit of 20 daily. OK 3. And one day a bad butt teradactyl ate one of his blue bars, and so he did not fly his birds anymore. One day Nuts saw one of the blue bars down in the corner, and thought it was sick. A few days later he saw this bird come to eat some grass seeds and their were two shinny white eggs. He thought to himself ,how lucky could he be, being nuts and all. Nuts didn't relies that the two birds breeding were brother and sister. They raised two beautiful blue bars, just like the parents. I am just going to call the birds by their color. Just to keep things simple. The hen blue bar, had laid two more eggs. Then one day while nuts was at work. A big butt snake got in the pen and ate the two old blue bars, and eggs. So nuts put some smaller wire on the pen, OK he tied the sticks real close together. After about six months the two left had babies, and they raised two beautiful blue bars. Oh yea , they were brother and sister. Nuts was flying his kit of now 8 and was happy to look up and see them all over the sky, like a flock of martins. And then a bad butt storm moved in, and blew the whole kit ( I use this word loosely) away. Two days later , to Nuts surprise . Two of the blue bars came back. Nuts thought they sure looked good in the updated loft. One was the old cock, and the other one of his daughters. They soon had eggs again , and Nuts was elated. When the young ones started getting feathers, nuts noticed one of the youngsters was red. He couldn't believe his eyes. Good thing Nuts wasn't color blind. It wasn't long before some of Nuts neighbors were trying to trade nuts 20 blue bars for the one red one. Nuts wasn't letting that baby go. Nuts was now Simi famous, and by golly he was still Nuts. The red one, a hen, mated up with one of her brothers, yep brother , sister mating again. After 3 rounds nuts noticed another red one, he couldn't believe his luck. One night Nuts heard a commotion, and caught one of his neighbors, Unlucky, trying to steal his red birds, he hit Unlucky up side the head with a big butt club, and Unlucky ran home. So Nuts decided to make a special pen in a secret place. He put the two red ones in the secret pen. The first original red hen, and the other red one, which turned out to be a cock, and was also her son. It wasn't long before Nuts noticed two eggs. Nuts couldn't believe his eyes, their was one red one, and one white one, NUTS WAS SO EXCITED HE RAN AROUND THE MOUNTAIN TOP 20 TIMES. When the youngsters got older, Nuts noticed the white bird had three legs, since Nuts wasn't about to keep any freaks, he decided to trade the white one to Unlucky for 50 blue bars, this gave him more birds for the barbecue, and more time to go out and collect pigeon feed. Unlucky's white bird turned out to be a male, and could still breed, so Unlucky mated it to one of his blue bars. After three rounds Unlucky noticed a white one in the nest, it only had two legs, Unlucky's luck was starting to change. Although Unlucky loved the white ones, he still knew he had to have a red one in his flock. Of course Nuts had heard that Unlucky had raised another white one with only two legs. So one day Nuts went over to Unlucky's loft, and put two red ones in the show coops, Unlucky couldn't sand it . So he traded Nuts the white one with two legs. So Nuts mated the white cock to a red hen, after about 6 rounds , Nuts noticed a bird with red and white feathers on the same bird, and so the red grithtel came into being. So one day Nuts got old and died, and his son, NUTS JR, INHERITED HIS DADS BIRDS. NOT LONG AFTERWARDS Unlucky died, and Unlucky 2. Got his dads birds. One day when NUTS JR, was over visiting Unlucky2, they were watching the kit and Nuts jr, noticed 3 birds that flew real close together, and he knew he had 3 that were doing the same thing. So he traded Unlucky2 a red and white grithel, which were still quite rare. For the 3 birds that were kitting. OF course nuts traded all the birds that weren't kitting from then on. OF course Unlucky2 thought he was getting the better deal. I believe his relatives today are still having some out birds. Of course it wasen't long before Nuts jr had a kit flying in bomber formation. Of course it wasn't long before every one on the mountain had to have some of those special birds, So he put the red with the white head in the special pen. A terodactyl had broken the wing of one of his favorite red grithels. So he put that one in their too. The splint he put on the grithels wing finally fell off, and he noticed the red white head, building a nest, so he walked down to the creek and picked a big handful of green pine needles right off the tree, as he knew this would help keep the bugs off his birds. After a few nest of red and white ones, nuts jr noticed a white one in the nest with black speckles all over it. Of course he was so excited . 20 laps around the mountain. He knew he wouldn't fly this bird, as he sure wasn't going to let one of those dumb butt tardactles eat it. But one day his youngest son dumbdumb left the door open and the white speckle flew out. Of course Nuts jr was devastated. The next day as he was working on his brand new special pen, he would look up every 20 minutes, and no white speckle. So later that afternoon to cheer himself up. He let out his favorite kit. As he lay on his favorite rock, he noticed the white speckle right in front of the kit, and in the center just like his dad used to do, yep, 20 laps. A few months latter while watching the kit, which by now was pretty good at out flying the tardactles. He saw the white speckle flip over. He couldn't believe his eyes. As unlucky2, and his wife yourbirdsstink. Hadn't even been over for weeks, and all the crazy berry punch was long gone. Well Nuts  favorite grithels wing had heeled up and he put it back in the favorite kit. Too keep the red bald from being to lonely he put his daughter the white speckle in the pen with him. Of course it wasn't long and he noticed two blue bars in the nest, but wait , one had a white head and tail. The teradicals were pretty bad as it was the fall of the year. So he left the two young ones in the pen, with their parents. One day he noticed the brother and sister had some eggs, one turned out to be white, and the other was a light sandy color. He had too many in the pen so he put the two young ones in the kit. The light sandy one always flew in the front of the kit. As he lay on the rock, he saw the light sandy one flip over 3 times in a row. He took off running and almost ran off the cliff. Nuts jr knew he had the only bird like this, because he knew all the other rock dove keepers on the mountain. He knew they would be laying awake at night , listing to the how of the saber tooth tigers, just wondering how they were going to get a bird like that. Now Nuts jr was starting to figure things out. He really liked the birds with the white heads. So he put the dark red white headed male, that flipped over one time, with the blue bar white head, which flipped over three times. And Nuts jr sat and wondered . Will the youngsters flip over 3 times, or just once.                     

                     To be continued,           ;copyrite2008, ;          RK PAIR

Yep, some stumps had to go, the shovel, went through three so far, the wrecking bar, Sawzall, and the imfamas WAGON. All my tools are Dewalt 20 volt battery, no problems so far, They couldn't be used any harder. highly recommended, I charge them with my solar set up. Go Sunshine.


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GETTING THE PICTURES  now have to work on the sizes.

The beginning of the temporary kit loft two sections

You can see the permanent kit loft behind it.

Temporary double kit box in action , Bath day,  Will be taking down soon.


Permanent kit box


Permanent kit box, Just started interior of first section yesterday, Have 30 2022 youngsters ready to go.


I actually built the breeding loft first, this was about two weeks in.


The start of the flying loft, both lofts posts are three feet in the ground. everything you see is cedar cut from the property, only the floor and the roofs were plywood.


By the way I did all this myself, and that's not even the half of it, the blue house to the left, I tore down in 10 days. Didnt get a dime for doing it. But all the lumber and everything else inside was mine. oh yea and I took down a one story house on the same lot before this one :) You will notice the color of the wood on my buildings.



Well I recon I've done other things also, Hears  BESTY, I bought from my neighbor when I first got here, Buy the way it took me 6 months to get him to sell her to me, We are now good friends.


Happy birthday Besty, NEW TIRES


So did I mention that In between all this I built a house for my neighbors up the hill. 

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