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Roller Pigeon Birmingham
Roller Pigeon Birmingham
Roller Pigeon Birmingham


Roller Pigeon Birmingham
Roller Pigeon Birmingham


now 2 roller minimum


Rollers are sent inside the Continual United States


This is going to be the year of the Classical Grizzle, and the Classical Badge, Of course many other patterns will come out. Just because of the way I mate my birds. Light to Dark. I'm now at a point where I'm going to work with the Rollers two full days a week. The breeder pairs and youngsters will be put on the breeder page. I'm making 8 induvial breeder lofts, not canary cages, and putting the final touches on the Breeder Loft 2024 is going to be a good year, have fun with your birds, and keep em spinning, RK
picture of white birmingham roller pigeon
kit of roller pigeeons kitting


2022 KIT

still picture of roller pigeons kitting

2022 KIT

kit loft where roller pigeons stay for flying

As you can see I was flying two kits while I was building the permanent seven section kit loft. The birds are enjoying a bath after their fly. Took down temporary kit loft a few days ago, close to completing the first section of the permanent kit loft. This was a while ago.

TO purchase rollers, click on RK'S BIRMINGHAM ROLLERS FOR SALE, CLICK on the roller you want, then you can add more. I can put six rollers in one box, The price for EXPRESS shipping is $85 USPS 1 to 2 day express mail, This includes a new box, I add insurance to every order. I send the Rollers out Monday thru Thursday, and you will be sent the tracking number. You can click the link below to go to the for sale page. Keep them spinning, RK

To watch in full screen, put pointer on bottom of vidio, and click full screen. Right bottom. 

First time 1st and 2nd kit flown together, I wanted to move the best spinners into the first kit. My birds kit very well, and they start from the first few days out. This is when you  can see their a well established line of rollers. At the end of the vidio you will see they start to act as one kit. Once they landed I let them sit for a minute, All the rollers that weren't working hard, I called into the 2nd kit, The rest into the 1st kit, A lot easier then to move a couple at a time, when I saw who was doing what.



TO ask a question click the link below, I will try to respond that evening, after I'm finished working on the Ranch, For instance today I'm cutting boards for the gazebo and flying 5 kits, NO I cant watch them the whole time, But sure wish I could. One day soon, YEP :)  If you would like to be informed when new birds are added,  join the mailing list,

method to get roller pigeons to the post office for delivery

When picking stock birds, If you pick a roller that's going 40 ft, you need a mate thats going 5 to 10 ft, If you keep mating 40 footers together, you  WILL end up with a bunch of ROLL DOWNS, this works a lot like the color white, if you mate two badges, birds with some white on their heads, you get some bald heads, If you mate two bald heads, you usually get broached birds, Other bald head breeds have it locked in. Not so with performing rollers. When a roller spins 10 ft, it has control, I believe a roller gets a rush, from the spin, you will see a champion roller cant wait for you to open the kit loft door, A roller that doesn't have control, you will have to chase it out of the loft, I'm going to make some videos later this summer, When I open the door, I better be out of the way, as they are coming out, A sure sign of stable birds that love to fly, Don't confuse a roller that doesn't want to come out, that was chased by a hawk the day before, The really smart ones learn their could be a hawk sometimes, but they love to fly and roll, so their willing to take that chance, kinda like people, who sky dive, and scuba dive, both dangerous. But addictive.

So, six pair going out to California. To a Breeder, Flyer of Birmingham Rollers. Who purchased rollers from me 15 years ago. I don't answer the phone, If you can't tell, I'm pretty busy, and doing pretty well for a 70 year old. I'm not trying to sell birds, But I am making some of the best Birmingham Rollers, available to some who would enjoy and appreciate them. So if you need to ask  a lot of questions, you should get birds from someone who has a lot of answers for you, For those of you flying my birds, best of luck, and skill, and




I tricked this flying loft out a little bit, will do a video and see what happens  The door to the right, opens and allowes me to switch birds to a clean loft, bad weather, BOP'S 

1 WEEK IN.jpg


2 weeks in.jpg

The first section of seven, hope to have birds in, a few days.


roller pigeons inside the kit loft

April 6th 2022  Permanent kit loft first 2 sections 

Birds are kitting and flying 20 minutes nicely,

construction of the kit loft

April 22, 2022  Permanent kit loft first 2 sections 

full, letting out 2nd kit. 3 & 4  three quarters to being finished.

3rd kit door.jpg

April 24, 2022  4th kit box door.

instaling brick pavers in front of the kit loft

Pavers going in 9/17/22

roller pigeon breeder and kit lofts

UP TO DATE 9/20/2022

finished kit loft, seven sections

UP TO DATE 9/22/2022



June 3rd, Finishing up 6 and 7 kit sections, have banded 167 so far for 2022, half of the first kit are rolling 20 to 30 ft, and starting to break good.

 2022  KIT BIRDS

photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
excellant roller pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
photo of execelant Birmingham Roller Pigeon
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